The G0NQE-Acorn SDR receiver kit

Welcome to The G0NQE-Acorn SDR receiver page, The G0NQE-Acorn SDR receiver is a kit that i designed for a club project. It was built by a number of Pontefract radio club members in February 2011 and was a great success.

The kit covers 2 switched sections of the 80m phone band, one section is centered at 3.750 MHz and the other is centered at 3.686 MHz.
The kit comes complete with all PCB components plus external components and screen printed PCB; all you need to do is build it and put it in a box of your choice.

I have made provision on the PCB to add switchable bandpass filters so with a change of crystals and BPF the Acorn SDR can easily be made into a multiband receiver.

There are no surface mount components in this kit.


Kanga Products

will be the sole producer and supplier of the G0NQE-Acorn kit from now on.

I would like to thank you for your support of the G0NQE-Acorn SDR kit and i look forward to receiving feedback from all who have built the Acorn.


For your information

I will continue to support anyone who has purchased a kit or PCB from me.

73,  Colin  G0NQE