Sourcing components:

You can get components from a variety of sources, i mainly use the internet these days. Ebay is always a good place to look, i also use Bitsbox Rapidonline and Sycom .
I also use suppliers in the USA and China, as for payment i always use PayPal; never give your card details it's asking for trouble.

ESR-Meter 003.jpg

ESR Meter:
Check out this useful piece of test gear, easy to build and at a reasonable price.

This project was taken from an original design by Lawrence P. Glaister, VE7IT his site is certainly worth a look.
I have made some additions to the original circuit and i am producing 14 kits for the PDARS members to build, The construction starts at the Carleton Community Centre on Tuesday evening 4th August at 1900hrs.
After drilling, filing and reaming 1298 holes, designing and etching 14 circuit boards, preparing 14 boxes, sourcing the components for 14 kits, picking and bagging all the components, the kits are now ready, phew!!! Where's the Valium?

For visitors to this site please feel free to view or download the ESR meter pdf files from the links.
I have designed a PCB for the ESR Meter, you can use it if you can make your own PCBs. If you can't make your own boards then use Vero board or ordinary Perf board, it will work just as well.

I hope you enjoy building this simple and useful project.

Have fun, Colin   G0NQE