Posted by Keith on
Hi Colin,
The G0NQE-Acorn was a pleasure to build and is simple to set up. It works great and it is a very inexpensive way to try out SDR.

Keep up the good work.

73, Keith
Posted by Chris on
Colin, Just a quick note to say 'Thanks' for my second Acorn kit. The build was as much fun as the first one. As you know I'm using your external VFO option - single VFO to both receivers - to use the two receivers for circular polarisation experiments. Also found the off-board filter connectors very convenient!
Thanks for a great design. What's next?
Posted by mark on
hi colin
Finaly a SDR kit that dose what it says on the tin very nice work with the pcb great layout hassel free contrution. instruction very clear and mark prof HI well if i can build it anyone can.Look forward to useing it on holiday next month .The recive is far better than my 756proI thanks for great project look forward to your next idea i will be watching.
the best 73 colin OM
kind regards M0ZIM MARK
Posted by G4PIR , JOHN on
Received the SDR Kit by first class post, an excellent design from an excellent Ham radio old timer, bringing cutting edge SDR to the world wide Ham radio operator.

The build was straight forward, the setup went as per instructions from G0NQE and the end product was simply amazing, considering the component count and ease of build it makes a project anyone with a little soldering experience can put together in a few hours, the end product is an SDR Receiver that performs as well as the softrock kits but at a fraction of the price and NO ! smd components to solder.

So to sum things up, an excellent kit, good quality components and PCB with an understanding and very helpful Ham radio designer just an email away if you need help.

Well done on the SDR Kit.

Please note i am in no way connected with G0NQE , I Just enjoy building his kits and projects. British Ham radio , British design and British backup if needed( no Indian call centers here !!!)

Thanks .

John G4PIR.
Posted by Peter on
Well done Colin! An excellent example of a low cost easy to construct SDR with superb performance, support and documentation to match.
Posted by Jacklynn on
I really apprceiate free, succinct, reliable data like this.
Posted by Marni on
Your article percftely shows what I needed to know, thanks!
Posted by Bill G0BAK on
Thank you Colin for your very helpful ideas on my project that has had me scratching my head for many months, you are a great bloke.
Posted by maurice on
Hi Colin
your ESR meter is just what I have been looking for
I am gathering bits (and friends)who want follower
will report back when complete
wany thanks for all your good work
Posted by zeljko on
Posted by Colin on
Hi Zeljko,
I think you are asking for the crystal frequencies.
You will need a 14.7456mhz and a 15mhz to give you good coverage of the 80m phone band.

I hope this helps.

73, de Colin G0NQE
Posted by Barry on
Hi Colin,
Thanks for sharing your Porta-Web antenna design on your website.
This is the second cobweb type antenna i've built; the first one was a disaster, it was too heavy and it was a swine to tune.

After giving it some thought i decided to build your Porta-Web.
I followed your instructions and put one together in a couple of days, it was very easy to build and a doddle to tune; it is also very lightweight.
I can't beleive how easy it is to set up and pack up; a matter of a few minutes.
Well done on designing a usable portable cobweb.

73, Barry T
Posted by Pete on
Just completed the Board and everything about it is superb. The Instructions,the Pcb,the components are great quality. And the result is just as impressive. Wish more kits were like this.
Many thanks! Pete
Posted by Toby on
Love your work!

I made a derivative of your SDR board clocked with an Si570. Thank you for the great design. Do you still have the schematic available on-line? It was a great help and I hope others can learn from it as I did.
Posted by pe1jxi on
Hi Colin
the cobbweb antenne is great i make 2 of this watch for picture and now ill make the tirth one
the mount is better and better
ill put 1400 watts on the cobbweb but the tyraps melting hihi
EMail my and ill send you picture when you like.
o yea try the cobbweb on 6 meters swr 1:1
also we 3 radio amateurs beginning to make youre sdr
you here from us

73 Harrie
Posted by Charlie on
Nice site. I just found it when I was looking for a usb soundcard interface. I just built the esr capacitor tester also before finding your site. I wish I had used your pcb foil pattern. What Program do you use to design the pcb patterns if I may ask?


Posted by Jack on
Am I correct that to use the SDR receiver for any ham band you have to provide a xtal of VFO signal at 4X the frequency of the ham band you want to monitor.

I plan on using the kit for 40,30,and 20 meters. Does that mean I need to provide a signal of 4x14 Mhtz? ie. 56 Mhtz?

Just checking.
Posted by Andy GD1MIP on
Colin at Newark I bought one of the Kanga kits for the Acorn. I am looking for an SDR to use as a panadapter on an FT897D. The 1st IF is 68.33 Mhz and access to this requires surgery to the main PCB, the second IF is 455Khz and access to this can be obtained via the optional filter sockets, so its the preferred option.
The vendor said the SDR will accept from 0.5 to 72 Mhz. Given that this kit is sold as an 80m reciever what modification will be needed to your design to allow it to see / hear the chosen IF? Sorry to ask but I either forgot to ask or plain forgot the answer at Newark.

Thanks Andy
Posted by admin on
To the few abusers of this guest book, please remember it takes you time to put your rubbish on here, but it takes me just one click to remove it.

Have a nice day.
Posted by Rich M0UVA on
Hi. Great site with loads of practical projects. Thanks for taking the time to upload them all....

Posted by Ulrich on
It's fine Copweb .We have ready.For 40 Euro ...
I hope of good day's with Copweb -Antenna1

vy73 Ulrich / DC7UL /
Posted by jack margolis on
I am interested in building the Acorn SDR kit and noticed in the build instructions ( on the Kanga site ) that no 20 meter BPF is shown. Does that indicate that this kit is not intended for the 20 meter band? I have some crystals from a Softrock receiver kit that I intend to use by copying the two semiconductors that they use to get the third tone useful in their kit and I think it should work with the Acorn as well.

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