Who is G0NQE?

I was born in 1948, my interest in radio started when i was given a crystal set when i was 8yrs old. I was instantly hooked on radio communication, the fascination of receiving signals over the air without wires to an 8yr old boy was magical and at the age i am now it remains so.

I experimented throughout my youth with valve receivers of various types and then had a dabble with transistors for a while.

Then came the swinging sixties and like most young men of my age i discovered, Rock & Pop, Girls, and Motorbikes, not necessarily in that order. I'll not go on about the sixties, you had to have been there to know what it was like. To a lot of people my age what i have just written in this paragraph will ring a lot of bells!

I was married at the age of nineteen, my wife Pat and i have three children, two boys and one girl, they are all grown up now and have children of their own. we now have nine grandchildren.

I didn't start back with the radio hobby until 1985, i bought an ex army receiver, the R216 and i had to build a power supply for it. That was all it needed to ignite the spark again to this wonderful hobby, i became a licensed radio ham in 1989, i joined the RSGB and the PDARS in the same year.

My main interest in the hobby is construction, i have had no formal training in electronics, my knowledge is only at a hobbyist level but i am a very keen and prolific homebrewer, my pride and joy is a Multiband HF SSB transceiver. I have with the help of others and still do, projects for PDARS. We like to promote a hands on approach to radio at our club and it goes down very well with the members.

In the near future i hope to be running some full constructional projects and practical tips from this site so call back and have a look around there may be something for you!

73,  Colin  G0NQE